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Young Scholar Award

The Young Scholar Award was established to recognize students who demonstrate exemplary leadership qualities and made a significant contribution to their school and community. Applications for the award are purposefully opened in the early fall before many of the major scholarships open their applications.This is to allow students to practice common scholarship responses, providing an experience as well as an opportunity. The scholarship is valued at $500.

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Project Noise Award

The Project Noise Award is a new scholarship currently in development by Young Scholar. It will aim to provide financial aid to a student of any level receiving mental health treatment(s). Unlike the majority of scholarships offered to students with mental health disabilities, the Project Noise applicant will not have to have an official diagnosis as long records proving the student is undergoing consistent treatments are provided. The proposed value of the scholarship is at $500.

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Most Recent 2017 Recipient


Aidan Brushett
School: Anderson Collegiate
Vocational Institute
Grade: 12

From a young age, Aidan has participated in education-based wilderness trips to remote regions of Canada, sparking a lifelong passion for the natural world that surrounds us. He founded his school's EcoTeam, and he is quite involved in sustainable global development initiatives. As a member of the Ontario Nature Youth Council, Aidan's advocacy for native pollinators has led to formal recognition of both his school and the Town of Whitby for new pollinator conservation strategies. He is currently organizing an environmental summit for the Durham District School Board.

Aidan firmly believes that young people have a unique ability to make their voices heard to promote positive, collaborative change in their communities, and strives to share this dream with others. He seeks to combine his future education in Wildlife Biology with his love for all things green to continue generating the 'conservation conversation' and advocate for our common home--the planet.