Project Noise Award



As mental health diagnoses continue to rise among post-secondary students, the costs incurred continue to rise as well. Receiving treatment for mental illness can become incredibly costly. While many universities across Canada have their own services with an inhouse team of healthcare professionals, these services are often over-booked or simply inadequate. For these reasons, many students (including those with limited or no insurance policies) must seek external solutions and are forced to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars annually to pay for these medical bills, including monthly charges for prescription refills and psychologist fees which are in no way covered by the Canadian government.

For these reasons, we are offering the Project Noise Award to aid students in the expenses incurred while receiving treatments.



The Young Scholar Award is open to all high school students in Canada, including grades 9-12 and CEGEP students.



The Young Scholar Award was established to recognize students who demonstrate exemplary leadership qualities and made a significant contribution to their school and community. The scholarship is valued at $1000.

The short answer component of the Young Scholar Award application includes commonly asked leadership questions from prestigious scholarship applications and interviews. The questions were designed systematically and are cohesive with one another, so that they can be combined to form a complete 1000 words essay.


Application Process


1. Download the latest application form here. (hyperlink when application period opens)
2. Prepare all the supporting documents.
3. Complete the application form.
4. Email your completed application form (Word file) with all supporting documents (PDF or JPG files) to: by the deadline.


1. Completed personal information
2. Completed personal statement component
3. Medical Documentation
4. Official student transcript with school stamp (refer to the FAQ (hyperlink to the FAQ page specifically for this award) if your school does not have an official stamp)


Judging Criteria

All eligible applicants will be judged solely on their personal statements. Official student transcripts and medical documentations of all and any forms are only required for verification purposes.