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Annual Agenda

For the period ending December 2019, below are Young Scholar’s annual goals, for more information and specific details, please contact us.

• [✔] Increase our in-house scholarship, the Young Scholar Award, by 50% to a total of $1000
• Create new scholarship of $500 for students with mental health disabilities to be titled the “Project Noise Award”
• [✔] Increase website traffic
• [✔] Increase newsletter subscriptions by 60% to a total of 1200 subscribers
• [ ... ] Increase annual community engagement by hosting at least 5 events in various cities
• [ ... ] Implement new social media presence on Instagram and Youtube
• [✔] Strengthen social media platforms on Facebook and LinkedIn
• [ ... ] Integrate Young Scholar presence on at least 4 Ontario university campuses and 1 Quebec university campus
• [ ... ] Secure sponsorship acquisitions for Young Scholar’s main conference, set to be held in the last quarter of 2019


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