Feminist, Former Yelper (But Forever Foodie), and Avid User of the Oxford Comma

My Background

Born and raised in the GTA, from east-end Toronto (Victoria Park shout-out!) to suburban living in Markham, I survived the International Baccalaureate program in high school and have transferred universities as many times as I’ve moved… which is just once, however through it all, I’ve struggled and continue to cope with anxiety, stress, and finding balance. Between studying global health at York University, extracurriculars, a job, and preparing for grad school apps, it can be hard to find time to take care of yourself and your relationships.

Here on Project Noise, you’ll find me under the “Tips and Advice” section on a biweekly basis with fresh articles, but firstly, I’d like to introduce myself since I believe in understanding the context of situations where possible. I am a second-generation Filipina that, like Project Noise, values transparency, creating a non-judgemental environment, and upholding inclusion. I am a strong advocate for peer support – I am fortunate to have friends and to have met people that kindly pass down their knowledge and I want to continue doing the same for others. This is a big reason that I joined the Project. I want to be able to support others in their academic journeys and their well-being while fostering a community that aims to understand, encourage, and respect each other – no matter our differences.

An Open Space

Speaking of differences, religion can be tough to talk about for some people, but I like to promote honesty and a willingness to understand others first. I come from a family that practices Christianity but that doesn’t stop me from engaging in controversial topics and forming my own opinions about them. At the end of the day, I believe in diversity, respect, and the right for each person to have and practice their own beliefs (as long as they aren’t at a risk of harming themselves and/or others) and to love who they love.

The Future

Currently, I have the privilege of connecting with students as a Student Health Ambassador at York and as a Peer Mentor for the Global Health Student Association. As a columnist for Project Noise, I want to share tips that have helped me along the way and write about my stories and those of others to provide insight into the things that worry us, strengthen us, and grow us. You’ll learn more about my mental health journey – from struggling to find my place in school to learning to love my body, and dealing with the stresses associated with transitioning into adulthood, the support systems I turn to, and activities that help clear my mind like writing, listening to music, and exercising.

Check back soon enough and you’ll see topics on:

  • Anxiety
  • Life after high school
  • Moving back home
  • Body image

As I wrap this up, I am waiting for the final season of Jane the Virgin and am caught living between the dichotomy of an outdoor adventurer wannabee and my seasonal allergies.

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