Mistakes Made by Me so You Don’t Have To

What not do in your senior year…

1. Don’t put it off…

Do not fall victim to procrastination! It is common for all of us when we have work to do, to put it off for later. We tend to believe that there will always be time to do it in the future so the present can be spent on relaxing. However, one of the biggest tips I can give is to do it now! This applies to not only homework, assignments, studying but also the new workload that comes with being a Senior in high school. You now have to devote time to university applications and scholarships. Hence, if you try your best to unload your workload as soon as possible, the future you will thank you for that. In particular, take note of the deadlines so that you can be organized and finish ahead of time.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

University and college applications, in particular, can be tedious and at times, confusing. There are lots of information available to you online but sometimes, it is also great to talk to someone. Your teachers, guidance counsellors and support staff at school are here for you! They are there to guide you through the entire process – so make use of that. Furthermore, do not be afraid to reach out to graduates or past students who have been in your shoes. They will also know a lot about your situation and provide helpful pointers.

3. Don’t stress!

In your last year of high school, everything could seem a lot more daunting than it is. Knowing your grades are sent to universities/colleges and selecting programs to study is surely a big step towards your future. However, it’s not the end of the world! There truly is never a wrong decision, and never a dead-end, it will always just be a small curve in the road. Take a deep breath, you’ve done this before; you’re great at writing tests and this year will be no different!

4. Don’t compare yourself to others.

As your peers and classmates apply to similar programs and scholarships, you shouldn’t feel as though they are competitors of a race in which you both wish to win. Instead, treat it as a healthy form of competition where you can learn from each other and motivate each other towards success. Kindly offer your support and help others and you will receive the same in return. Similarly, never feel as though you aren’t as good as someone else. Remember, we all have different expectations and we’re running our own races. So don’t get too caught up on what others have that you don’t!

5. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy life!

After all those tips, the final yet arguably the most important part of your life is taking care of yourself. Your mental and physical health is more important than any test or assignment that is due. That being said, taking care of yourself will lead to higher grades and more success. It is important to treat yourself and relax after finishing your assigned tasks. So, buy those new shoes at the mall, hang out with your friends and finish the last episode of The Office!


Iris Chen is a 2017 Young Scholar Award Finalist. As a Student Senator and Communications Representative at the Waterloo Region District School Board, Iris is a committed advocate for the significance of student voice. She has also dedicated her role as the president of her school newspaper and Science Club to promoting the relevance of STEM in society. Furthermore, her enthusiasm and curiosity for math is the drive behind her academic excellence as she hopes to study Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. In her spare time, Iris volunteers at the city hospital, teaches piano, and works as a Lifeguard and Swimming Instructor at a community pool.

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