Maximize Your Chances of Winning a Scholarship

Maximize Your Chances of Winning a Scholarship

Our in-house Young Scholar Award aims to encourage all students to apply for a scholarship starting from grade 9.

In order to let every applicant to have an opportunity to go to our first round of judging, we checked every application to ensure that a completed application form was submitted with all required documents. Reminders were sent to those applicants with incomplete submissions. However, in reality, incomplete applications will be discarded without notice in most scholarship applications. To provide students with the opportunity to learn and gain experience with scholarship applications, we allowed applicants to resubmit their revised award applications.

The four questions of the Young Scholar Award application are designed systematically to start a scholarship application. These were commonly asked leadership questions either in scholarship applications or interviews. These questions are cohesive with one another, so that they can be combined to form a complete 1000 words essay.

1. Describe your school and community activities and why you choose to participate in them?

This question helps you think about the all the school and community activities that most represent your intention of enhancing the others’ lives. Take some time to think about it. Make a list to decide which of them are the best fits and can make a good flow to the following questions. Remember that there are two parts to the question, a list of your significant school and community involvements, and your intention of joining.

2. What is a unique accomplishment that demonstrates your leadership qualities?

Question 2 asks for a unique achievement. Using one of activities stated in Question 1, elaborate on your leadership qualities. This is the major body of the whole essay. Your answer will distinguish you from the other applicants.

3. How have your contributions enhanced the well-being of your school or community?

Your answer should show how your leadership qualities enhanced your school and community. In here concrete examples with number are definite essential and useful. Take this opportunity to impress the judges.

4. Discuss your most meaningful achievements and how they relate to your field of study and your future goals.

Question 4 is the conclusion paragraph. State out the importance of community involvement and volunteer experiences you had gained that steer towards your future goal. Judges would like to see that you are planning for your future and if it is worth investing in you. Therefore, your intention of going to post-secondary school with a goal is important. You can be creative in answering this question.


The 2020 Young Scholar Award applications are now open! All applicants must submit by email their application by 11:59PM EST February 5th, 2020

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