How many Young Scholar awards will be given out?

One (1) student will receive the Young Scholar Award.


If I have previously applied for the scholarship, can I apply for the Young Scholar Award again?

Previous applicants who were not awarded the Young Scholar Award are eligible to reapply. Applications and supporting documentations from previous applications are not retained for any future applications.


Are applicants selected on a rolling basis, or, will selections only begin once the application deadline has closed?

Selection will begin once the application deadline has closed. Applications will not be reviewed and selected prior to the deadline.


Can my application and/or reference letters be written in French?

The application and all supporting documents must be in English.



What do I do if my school does not have an official school email?

With the permission of your school administrator, you may use your principal or school administrator's school email address.


Can I use my school's phone number for my teacher's contact information?

You may use your school's phone number for your school referee's contact information. Please specify if there is a direct extension number.


How do I provide an electronic signature?

By typing your first and last name, you have signed the document with your electronic signature which signifies that you have read and agree to the statement.


Can I provide supplementary documents (e.g. newspaper clippings, resumes, cover letters, personal statements...etc.)?

Only the application form and the requested supplementary documents will be accepted. Any additional files will not be viewed by the scholarship selection committee.


Should I compress my application and supporting files into one file?

No. Your completed application form (Word file) with all supporting documents (PDF or JPG files) should be sent as separate files in one (1) email to [email protected]


Reference Letters

Why should we submit a school and community reference letter?

An emphasis is placed on students obtaining both a school and community reference letter because it is important that students participate in both in and outside of school extra-curricular activities. Many other scholarship selection committees seek for students who are not only able to contribute to their school environment, but community as well.


Can my community reference letter be written by a teacher who can testify my extracurricular activities?

The community reference letter must be written by a community member, not a school staff member. Many scholarship applications have a community reference letter component. It is important that this letter is written by a community leader. The purpose behind the community reference letter is so the selection committee can hear from a community leader who can not only testify your participation in extracurriculars, but also provide an insight on how you have demonstrated certain characteristics (eg. leadership) through your roles in these activities. A community leader can provide details that your school staff member may not be able to because they may only be able to state the fact that you have participated in extra-curriculars, without any other type of description.


Who should I ask to write my community reference letter if I am not part of an external community organization?

Your community reference letter does not have to be written by the leader of a community organization specifically. It can be written by anyone outside of your school, as long as they can provide an insight on your character! For example, if you are part of a church program, you may ask the program organizer to write a letter on how you contribute to the church. If you have been lending a helping hand to your neighbour, you can even ask him or her to write a letter on how you volunteered to help them mow their lawn! Be creative and think of how you have been giving back to your community.


What should I do if my school or community organization does not have an official letterhead?

If your school or community organization does not have an official letterhead, then the name and signature of your referee would be sufficient.


To whom should the letters should be addressed to?

The reference letters should be written to the Young Scholar selection committee, who will also be the reviewing the award applications.


Should the school and community references letters be sent separately?

The application, along with all the supporting documents, should be sent in one email.


Do reference letters require hand-written signatures?

Reference letters must be physically signed by the referee then scanned into a JPG or PDF file. Electronic signatures will not be accepted.



What is an official student transcript?

An official student academic transcript can be obtained at your guidance counsellor's office. It must be stamped with an official school stamp in order to show its validity. In order to be eligible for the Young Scholar Award, your most recent transcript must be submitted.


What if the courses I am currently taking are not on my transcript?

Unless you are in your first semester of high school (i.e. first semester of grade nine), you must submit an official transcript (not a mid-term progress report). In the case that you are midway through your first semester in secondary school, a mid-term progress report with your marks in the courses you are currently enrolled in must be submitted. The mid-term progress report must include an official school stamp or a school official's signature.


My school does not use an ink stamp for official transcripts. What should I do?

We are aware that some schools do not use ink stamps. If the stamp is not apparent on the transcript after being scanned and put into a JPG or PDF file, then a school official's signature on the transcript is required.