Request for Judge Feedback

The Young Scholar Award aims to provide students with the opportunity to learn and gain experience with scholarship applications. Upon submitting an application package, Young Scholar Award applicants can request for feedback from the panel of judges.

To provide students with the opportunity to learn and gain experience with scholarship applications, request for feedback from the panel of judges can be made until January 2nd, 2018.

How the judge feedback can help:

Provide insight on which areas were done well or poorly
Indicate areas of improvement
Offer tips on how to further highlight your achievements
Maximize success with future scholarship applications

What the judges will not do:

Edit your application
Rewrite your application
Guarantee success in your future scholarship applications

Where does my money go to?

The profits from the Judge Feedback will help fund the Young Scholar Award, as a scholarship can help a deserving student go to university or college.


"The comments and feedback from the judges on my scholarship application were very beneficial and constructive. After reviewing my submitted application with the judges' feedback in mind, I noticed many errors that I had overlooked while I was writing. Some key issues for me were remaining consistent to the topic and using the writing space effectively (I often get too wordy with my writing). The judges also used examples within my writing to help me see what needed improvement. I have kept these comments in mind while writing for other applications and it has helped me to recognize errors I habitually make. I recommend all of my friends to apply for the Young Scholar Award and to read the comments and feedback posted on the Young Scholar website to help them write a more effective scholarship application."

Maria, Holy Trinity High School

"When I first applied for the Young Scholar Award, I viewed it as an opportunity to subsidize the cost of my post-secondary education. It was a scholarship like many others, and I was eager to take on the challenge. However, it later became clear that this organization offers a far more unique opportunity: the chance to have one's application critiqued in order to foster future success. Personally, the comments I received regarding my application were clear and insightful, and have allowed me to significantly improve my responses to subsequent scholarship essays. I am sincerely grateful for the guidance Young Scholar has given me for achieving my goals in the future, and would certainly advise everyone who is eligible to apply for this scholarship."

Erica, Patrick Fogarty Secondary School

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